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    Song Numbers




    Copyrights & Credits

    The Order of Mass

    Hymns & Songs

    Psalms & Canticles

    Order of Christian Funerals

    Morning Prayer

    Evening Prayer

    Rite of Penance: Reconciliation

    Mass Settings

    Additional Service Music


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    (in strict alphabetical order)


    Psalms (in Psalm number order)

    Canticles (in Biblical order)






    Belmont Mass (Walker)

    Chant Mass

    Heritage Mass (Alstott)

    Mass of Christ the Savior (Schutte)

    Mass of Creation (Haugen)

    Mass of Glory (Canedo/Hurd)

    MASS SETTINGS, cont.

    Mass of Renewal (Stephan)

    Mass of Spirit and Grace (Manalo)

    Mass of St. Frances Cabrini (Keil)

    Mass of St. Paul the Apostle (Walker)

    Mass of the Resurrection (DeBruyn)

    Misa Santa Fe (Reza)




    Index of Titles

    New Songs in 2017

    Master Index: Index of Supplemental Sources

    Index of Text & Music Sources

    Language Index

    Musical Style Index

    Metrical Index of Hymn Tunes

    Alphabetical Index of Hymn Tunes

    Scriptural Index

    Topical Index

    Index of Suggested Psalms for the Liturgical Year

    Liturgical Index


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    This new, revised 2017 edition of the Guitar Accompaniment Book contains all the Guitar accompaniments for hymns, songs, psalms and service music in Today's Missal, Music Issue, and Breaking Bread. Accompaniments for psalms and acclamations in the readings section of Today's Missal and Breaking Bread are in the OCP publication, Respond & Acclaim. In order to facilitate the use of this accompaniment with the OCP missal program, please note the following:

    THE ORDER OF MASS: As required, the Order of Mass in this edition contains chants from TheRoman Missal. Accompaniments for these chants appear here, if available, and if no accompanimentexists we have presented the chants in unaccompanied form for reference, along with other rubricsand responses found in the Order of Mass. Please note that the song numbers found in the Order ofMass in your missal match the Order of Mass numbers in this accompaniment edition.

    ACCOMPANIMENT NUMBERS: With this revision, the accompaniment numbers have beenupdated, but are still referenced at the top of each song in Today's Missal, Music Issue, and BreakingBread as "Ace #_." This accompaniment number will not change during the life of this revision(2017-2020), and is completely separate from the song number in the missal (which may changefrom year to year). The accompaniment number will be the same number in all three accompanimentbooks (Keyboard, Guitar, and Solo Instrument) to better accommodate ensemble playing. In addition,many hymns, songs and service music, as well as most of the Psalms and Canticles in the Music Issue,are included in Choral Praise: Third Edition. These songs are also referenced with the choral editionnumbers (at the top left of the song) with the code, "CP3 #_". Accompaniments for all songs inChoral Praise: Third Edition, even those that have been deleted from the missal, are included in thisrevised accompaniment book.

    BOOK ORGANIZATION: The organization of this book is similar to the last revision, as shownin the Table of Contents. All hymns and songs are sequenced by title in strict alphabetical order.Subsequent sections of this book reflect the order in which they occur in Music Issue: "Psalms andCanticles" (psalms in number order, canticles in biblical order), "Rites" (liturgical order), "MassSettings" (alphabetical order by Mass title, then liturgical order within), "Additional Service Music"(liturgical order), "New Music" (beginning liturgical year 2018) and "Indexes."

    CHORD SYMBOLS: Chord symbols in the Keyboard Accompaniment Book continue to match thechord symbols in the Guitar Accompaniment Book so the two instruments can be played togetheron all hymns and songs. Since most traditional hymns were not originally intended for the guitar,the chord symbols have been adjusted in varying degrees from the actual keyboard harmony. Thesechord symbols are not intended to be a harmonic realization of the keyboard part, but rather tomatch a progression that is practical and playable on the guitar. A footnote directing the keyboardistto play from the chord symbols when in ensemble with the guitar is given on each of these hymns.Introduction brackets are still present for suggested introductions to each song. Dashed bracketsindicate where two sections of music join to provide an Introduction.

    INDEX FORMAT: The indexes that are integral for this book ("Acknowledgments" and "Index ofTitles") are located in the back. Those indexes which are most helpful for liturgy planning are availablein the Master Index, found at the end of this book. The Master Index includes the following indexes:Supplemental Sources, Text and Music Sources, Language, Musical Style, Metrical and AlphabeticalHymn Tunes, Scriptural, Topical, Suggested Psalms for the Liturgical Year, and Liturgical.

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    PREFACE, cont. (2)

    BEFORE RECYCLING: This accompaniment book contains only those titles currently appearing inthe OCP missal program. Please be sure to compare the contents of this revised edition with thecontents of your old edition for any titles you may wish to retain before recycling the old edition. Alist of songs that have been deleted from the accompaniment books in this revision can be obtainedby calling Customer Service at 800-LITURGY (548-8749) or contacting OCP at [emailprotected] Mosttitles which have been deleted from the missals and accompaniment books are now available asdigital editions for single-purchase download on ocp.org or LicenSingOnline.org.

    The accompaniment books go through a cycle of being supplemented with new songs, then revised to include only the songs in the current edition of the missals. The schedule for these books is as follows:

    Liturgical year 2017 (books available Fall 2016): Revision Year

    Liturgical year 2018 (books available Fall 2017): Supplement Year

    Liturgical year 2019 (books available Fall 2018): Supplement Year

    Liturgical year 2020 (books available Fall 2019): Supplement Year

    Liturgical year 2021 (books available Fall 2020): Revision Year

    IMPORTANT NOTE: OCP offers a standing "Guitar Supplement Subscription," which, for a nominal fee, ensures that you automatically receive a Guitar Supplement each year upon its release. Each parish using the OCP missal program receives one complimentary Guitar Accompaniment Book along with a complimentary Guitar Supplement subscription. If you need more than one accompaniment book, or if you wish to order Guitar Supplements for the extra accompaniment books you have, please call Customer Service at 800-LITURGY (548-8749) or contact OCP at [emailprotected]

    With regards,

    Mary K. Straub Editor, Today's Missal, Music Issue, Breaking Bread

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    239 HERE I AM, LORD



    VERSES Moderate tempo, with majesty (J = ca. 80)

    1. I, the Lord of sea and sky, of snow and rain, of wind and flame,

    2. I, the Lord3. I, the Lord

    1. All who dwell2. I have wept3. I will set

    1. I, who made2. I will break3. Fin-est bread

    the stars of night, their hearts of stone,

    I will pro - vide

    Text: Based on Isaiah 6; Dan Schutte, b. 1947. Music: Dan Schutte. Text and music 1981, OCP. All rights reserved.


    y hand will

    G D


    They turn a - way. __ My hand will save. __

    Till their hearts be


    I will make Give them hearts Till their hearts

    sat - is - tied.

    G D

    their dark- ness bright. for love a - lone. be sat - is - tied.

    C IC#(Db)I D IEb(D#)I E F IF#(Gb)I c IAb(G#)I A 1Bb(A#)I B

  • Home I Table of Contents I 1-299 I 300-599 I 600-867 I Charts I Indexes

    239-HERE I AM, LORD (Schutte), cont. (2)

    3. I will give my life to them

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